Who doesn’t love helping men?… What’s better than just helping men? Helping VOICE-OVER men!! This is the time of the year that we get to see our adorable, clean shaven, voice-over dudes grow facial hair. Although I’m sure having an itchy, prickly, food-catching thing on your face is fun – they’re doing it for a bigger cause. 14 voice-over men (and 2 honorary women growing theirs as a stick-on) have joined forces together this November as the MO-VOS to raise money for men’s health issues, primarily prostate cancer.

Join me in helping these awesome guys make a difference in the world of men’s health. We need our guys healthy – otherwise who’s going to voice all the deep, booming manly roles that our hearts just melt when we hear? You can donate to a particular member (it’s okay to pick your favorite), choose to split your donation evenly among the team members, or make a donation to the MO-VOs as a team. There’s only a few days left to show your support. Click here for more information!

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  • Thanks for your support Heather….someday you’ll have 3 Costa men who can participate!

    Best always,

  • I hope you raised a ton of money for the cause Peter!! 🙂

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