FaffCamp II

faffcamp 2

Leaving FaffCamp, motivated and inspired with my dear friend and stand-up partner, voiceover actor Kelley Huston.

Last week I spent five days at a voiceover “un-conference” called FaffCamp, which is a FaffCon event. What makes these FaffCon events un-conferences? They’re built upon a collaborative effort of table top discussions and group conversations. There is nothing else like it! Egos are left at the door and the wealth of voiceover information is abundant and flowing. From technique, to marketing, running a business, to health, and everything in between. Endless hours are spent among talented colleagues and kindhearted friends sharing their knowledge and love of voiceover. Each person has something to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a talent just starting out, you’re immersed in new information.

As voice talent, we spend countless creative hours alone. Our outlets are stand-up partners and meet-up groups, social media, voiceover networking and educational events. As we engage with each other, we become more inspired and informed. Through our common passion and love for the industry, friendships are easily made and our studio walls are no longer a barrier. The industry’s collaborative efforts in working together benefit both those that are behind the mic as well as those that are hiring voiceover talent. 

My heart and mind are so full right now, more inspired than ever. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been included in such an amazing experience.

Thank you to Amy Snively and Lauren McCullough and everyone else who make the FaffCon events possible. We are all forever grateful.

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