Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heather_Costa_Valentines_Day_GraphicIn honor of Valentine’s Day, I wrote a little poem.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sending sweet Valentine’s wishes from me off to you.

Hoping your holiday is filled with love and with cheer and that you’re surrounded by happiness smiling ear to ear.

Celebrate your loved ones, your family and friends, eat mounds full of chocolate, the fun never ends.

At the root of all things we treasure so strong, is love for mankind, together we all belong.

Thank you for being a part of my world, this mom and a mic, just a fun, happy girl.

With Valentine’s falling on a Saturday this year, those of you with children may be looking for ways to share this holiday with the kiddos during the day, before a romantic evening that night. From “Cupid Says” to Hearts Dominos, here are some great ideas to get your entire family celebrating together!

Here’s some fun Valentine’s Day trivia:

– Although no one knows for sure, it is believed that Valentine’s Day began around 270 A.D.

– Red is the color for Valentine’s Day because it’s the color of blood. It was once believed that the heart is where love came from.

– The saying “wearing your heart on your sleeve” is from the Middle Ages. Boys at that time would draw names of girls to see who would be their Valentine and then wear the name pinned on their sleeve for a week!

– Cupid is associated with Valentine’s Day because he is the Roman God of Love. Cupid means Amor.

– Over 1 billion Valentine’s cards are sent worldwide each year.

Valentine’s Day tongue twisters:

(Great for vocal warm-ups!)

Six lovesick swans swim. Swim, swans, swim! Well swum, swans! Swim some more, sweet swans. Swim!

Quick kiss. Quicker kiss. Quickest kiss.

Sweet Sally swears she’s silly for Sam, so silly, she’s now sweaty in the palm of her hands.

The lazy ladybug looked for love at the lake.

Vicky Vickorson vigorously celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Teeny tiny turtles took turns teaching tadpoles to tango together.

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