Faff Camp – the BEST type of camping there is!

Faff Camp - the BEST type of camping there is!

Faff Camp: the Hire Education Conference for Voiceover Professionals

If you’ve never met Faffy before, then you have no idea what you’re missing! Faff Con changed my career. Faff Camp is a Faff Con event. Yes, there is some Faffin around at Faff Camp, but more importantly there’s life changing VOICEOVER EDUCATION and NETWORKING and total submersion in the VOICEOVER COMMUNITY.

“Spread the word… We’re looking for bright, friendly, down-to-earth VO people who you think would love Faff Camp’s smart, ego-free, solution-oriented learning and sharing; people who’d fit in well with the Faff culture of VO people helping VO people get better at VO stuff (and make more money doing it).”

WHEN: March 19-22, 2015
WHERE: the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade – San Antonio, TX
HOW MUCH: Kickstart Registration $375 (through July 11, 2014)
Regular Registration $449 (Beginning July 12)
*AND – if you put in the PROMO CODE VT9076975, you will save $25 on your registration! You will then be given a promo code yourself, which you can share with your voiceover friends. Then when they sign up, THEY will save $25 and YOU will get a $25 rebate, EACH TIME your code is used (up to 14 times or $350 off your registration fee!)

Registration for Faff Camp is Kickstarter-style and the attendance goal HAS to be reached by midnight PST, Thursday, July 10, or there is no FAFF CAMP II. So don’t delay!! If they don’t reach their goal, everyone who has signed up, will receive a full refund, and there won’t be a Faff Camp II. Let’s not let that happen – it would make Faffy very sad.

Unlike Faff Con, that is only for the working pro, Faff Camp has two tracks – Starting Right and Working Pro. So if you’re new to voiceover, this is the PERFECT opportunity to surround yourself with the top VO talent! Not only will you learn by osmosis (there is a lot of hugging that happens) but you are able to soak up all of this incredible information and energy from the pros who have experienced their own success!

Don’t just take my word for it, although I promise you it is the MOST AMAZING voiceover educational experience you can imagine. Check it out for yourself at http://faffcamp.com DON’T DELAY!! If they don’t reach their sign-up goal by midnight Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, there won’t be a Faff Camp II.

Head on over there and join the Faff Camp community. You will be welcomed with open arms. Hope to see you in San Antonio in March!

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